The development of an academic career is inextricably linked to the need to climb the ladder of academic degrees. The privilege of using each subsequent title is connected with the necessity to write and defend a scientific work, which, depending on the degree the scientist applies for, is characterized by different features. In the case of aspiring to the rank of doctor or postdoctoral doctor, it is required to create a scientific dissertation.

According to the hierarchy of academic degrees, a person who already holds a master’s degree or an equivalent is eligible to apply for a doctorate. The scientific dissertation, also known as the doctoral thesis, is prepared under the supervision of the promoter, just like the other theses. At this stage of the study, the subject bibliography of the doctoral student already contains at least a few scientific texts, therefore considering the topic of the dissertation, it is worth choosing an issue that is already known to develop.

It must not be forgotten that the work must bring new content to the science and contain original author’s conclusions, which means that it is strictly forbidden to replicate its current research. Certainly, in the course of an in-depth study of the subject being the subject of current scientific analysis, the current graduate student noticed problems that were not sufficiently developed, and with the substantive background it should not be a problem.

An in-depth knowledge of the subject based on an exhaustive bibliography of the subject, the ability to analyze the content, draw conclusions and the appropriate writing technique are not the only attributes that a PhD student should possess. According to the rules of the doctoral thesis, the defense of the dissertation takes place in public.

Anyone who can additionally ask questions about the subject of the work can participate in it. In addition to substantive preparation, a certain amount of erudition is also required to answer the least expected questions. As the practice shows, these are occasional occurrences, thanks to which most doctoral students, after the defense, may be called doctors with pride.

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