Writing a thesis is a prerequisite for obtaining individual academic degrees. Often a big problem, occurring at the very beginning of the preparations, is the selection of the right topic. Considering the enormous effort to create a good job, every effort should be made to bring tangible benefits. It is becoming more common practice to write a master thesis paid for by the company.

A graduate student must find a market entity for this purpose, which offers students such a form of cooperation. The university units for cooperation with employers can be of great help. In agreement with the promoter and the representative of a given company, the scope of the student’s work is determined. When selecting the topic, the scope of the company’s activity and its specific needs are taken into account.

It is good when the previous personal bibliography of the student raised the subject related to the profile of the company in which he is seeking funding. When the promoter accepts the concept of work, one can freely fill in the next pages.

Such a system is based on mutual benefit. Thanks to the magistrant’s efforts, the company accomplishes its economic goals, often also prolongs cooperation with it, gaining a new employee. The student, on the other hand, receives financial support that motivates his further activities.

In addition, he gains the comfort of convincing that the effort devoted to writing a thesis did not result only in completing the next stage of studies, after which the master’s thesis will fall into oblivion, and the solution of a real problem, having a bearing on everyday life.

It can confront your theoretical knowledge acquired during your studies with practice. Thanks to cooperation with companies, he also sometimes has access to technologies and data that would otherwise be unattainable for him.

The substantive level of the master’s thesis paid for by the company necessarily must be high enough. However, thanks to the tools and support that the student receives, this is the most possible thing to do. Who knows, perhaps thanks to the profits related to establishing cooperation with the company, the student’s thesis will in the future be an entry in the bibliography attached to other scientific texts?

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