Each student, when obtaining a master’s degree or an equivalent degree, faces the necessity to choose a further path of his / her development. He can leave the university walls and enter the labor market using the received education. Another option is to pursue a scientific career in doctoral studies, which form third degree studies.

Candidates who aspire to the title of doctor are required discipline and a high degree of independence. Doctoral studies make it possible to deepen existing knowledge and learn about specific issues of a specific field of science.

During them, research is carried out to make a significant contribution to the state of a specific branch of science. They take place under the supervision of the promoter, but their shape depends on the doctoral student himself to an extent incomparably greater than during the previous stages of studies.

Doctoral studies are a period in which the personal bibliography of the doctoral student can be significantly enriched.

PhD students are not treated on similar terms as students. Detailed rules are set out in the regulations of individual universities, but there are a number of rules defined by law that they must follow. They have the obligation to teach at a given university on a given time. They can apply for a doctoral scholarship as well as other forms of financial support. In addition, after obtaining a doctoral degree, the time of studies is included in the period of work.

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