Writing a thesis is one of the conditions for completing a specific stage of study. However, its preparation is not enough to rest on its laurels. Students of most fields of study are required to defend their diploma thesis.

The defense of work in undergraduate and graduate studies looks similar. It usually takes the form of an oral examination held in front of a committee of three people: dean or director of the institute, promoter and reviewer. The scope of the exam is directly related to the subject of the seminar, which the student attended. Usually, these are issues that the student has addressed in his work.

The basic element of preparation for defense is a good knowledge of the content of the work. It is the culmination of a certain stage of studies and should present the skills and knowledge acquired by the student in a broad spectrum, being a kind of showcase of his competences. The student should be able to explain the purpose of the work, its hypotheses, applied research methods and research results.

The adopted structure of work can not be a coincidence and individual elements should be logically connected, which should also be supported by arguments. The work created by the student must be based on studies already carried out, which are contained in monographs, articles in professional magazines or conference materials.

The knowledge of the literature in the bibliography of the work as part of the content used by the student is required, as well as those omitted during the creation of their own text, and content related to it. Additionally, it may be expected that some general theses and issues related directly to the specialty selected by the student will be clarified.

It should be remembered that in addition to the assessment of the exam itself, the commission issues a general assessment of the studies, which also includes the value of the diploma thesis and the average grade obtained from all previous examinations. It is worth to prepare yourself well to defend your work and make a good impression on the members of the commission.

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